Has your personal information been published online without your permission?

It can be extremely upsetting to discover that your personal information has been published online without your permission.

Perhaps your bank details or other financial details are now visible for all to see or even your medical information or details of your address. It could be that a photograph of you or your child or of your home has been posted on social media. Or perhaps some drone footage of your house.

Whatever it is, the chances are that you may not be happy having this information available to the general public. However, you do not have to just put up with the situation.

NetRights can take urgent steps, via legal proceedings if necessary, to seek removal of your personal information from the internet and/or links to it and further postings. In most cases successful results can be achieved by sending legal letters to the person that posted the information or to the social media site, without the need for legal proceedings.

Contact NetRights now on 0207 698 4427 for further information and a free telephone consultation and cost estimate.

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