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Digital Asset

  • Have you planned what will happen to your digital assets when you die?
  • Do you want to preserve your belongings and your memories after you have gone?
  • Would you like your loved ones to be able to access and/or memorialise your social media accounts?
  • Do you wish to bequeath your digital assets with financial value?
  • Are you worried about your loved ones finding out about your accounts and digital assets? Would you like to maintain digital independence and privacy after you have gone?
  • Would you like to arrange for your passwords to be accessible after your death?
  • Do you want to minimise disruption with online accounts for the loved ones that you leave behind?
  • Would you like to reduce the risk of fraud and online abuse relating to your digital assets after you have gone?

Managing your digital assets

NetRights offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your digital assets will be identified, accessed and managed in accordance with your instructions on your death. Whether you wish to have your digital assets preserved, destroyed, vaulted, memorialised and/or sorted, NetRights can produce a comprehensive digital asset review and management plan for each of your digital assets.  There is no need to leave anything to chance or to run the risk of being digitally compromised after you have gone.

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