Challenging inaccurate information and wrongful use of your personal data

and Data Use

  • Does irrelevant or inaccurate information about you come up in internet search engine results?
  • Has your personal data been stolen?
  • Have organisations passed on your personal information without your consent?
  • Have you been the victim of disinformation or “fake news”?
  • Have fake reviews been published about your business online?

The right to be forgotten

Information and links that come up in search results can have a damaging effect on your reputation. We can take steps to obtain removal of outdated adverse search engine results so that they no longer appear against a search of your name and are less likely to be accessed by internet users. If appropriate, we can bring a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office on your behalf and we can also seek the removal of the source material.

Personal data

Social media and online posts can breach data protection rights. Individuals and organisations in possession of your data can also breach the rules when processing our data. Where you or your organisation have suffered from loss as a result of the breach, we can bring claims for compensation in respect of data protection breaches.

Disinformation and Fake News

If false or misleading information has been published about you or your organisation or if you have been the subject of “fake news” stories, then we can seek urgent removal of the false information and take legal action where appropriate. We can also act to remove false reviews about your business.

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