Be careful what you post on Facebook

Katherine Flashman-Kitson, Director in charge of litigation department, has recently been involved in a case which highlights the way in which social media entries and in particular Facebook can be used against parties in legal cases.

A client had been involved in a road traffic accident and was putting a claim of compensation for loss and injury. As part of the other parties insurers investigation, they went through this clients social media entries in particular their Facebook profile, all entries including ones tagged by other individuals. What this highlighted was the lengths to which the other parties insurers will go to investigate a claimant and because all this information is available effectively publicly, it’s easy for insurers to gain access to it and use it against the party who is effectively the victim in the claim. In other words entries made in social media and those that others have made can come back to haunt clients and be used as evidence against them. Beware of the entries you put on social media and the information you decide to publicise because you are not only publishing it to you “friends”, its effect can spread far wider than that and have far reaching consequences including the litigation process.

The moto to this story is just make sure that anything you do put on social media you’re happy for other people to know. If not don’t put it on social media in the first place!

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