Is your organisation protected from employee social media legal risk?

Are you aware that employers can be liable for their employee’s unlawful social media posts made in the course of their employment? It doesn’t matter if the unlawful post was made deliberately or unintentionally or even without the employer’s knowledge. This can sometimes include posts made outside of office hours and can be very costly as well as damaging to an organisation’s reputation.

However, there are ways to protect your business from this social media legal risk.  It is important to have a company social media policy. A good social media policy should set out what staff behaviour online is and is not acceptable, both in and outside the workplace, and provide guidance to staff. Training to staff is also essential to reduce legal risk and this training should be documented. It is helpful to have an emergency plan in place to deal with inappropriate social media postings. NetRights law firm produces social media policies to suit your organisation and offers staff training, to help your organisation significantly reduce the risks of social media misuse.

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